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Osteopathy is a natural and recognised* way of relieving pain and addressing mechanical problems for all areas of the body, and treats sudden, long term and postural problems. It is suitable for all, from babies to the very elderly.

It is a physical style of treatment and osteopaths use their highly developed palpation skills (touch) to determine the problem and establish a diagnosis. Treatment includes massage type techniques, mobilisation and clicking of joints and the more gentle Cranial Osteopathy. The style of treatment will in part depend on the patients preference. In addition advice is given on exercise, work ergonomics and lifestyle as appropriate.

*Osteopathy is recognised both legally by the Osteopathic Act (1993) and by the British Medical Association.


This is a very gentle treatment, using the body’s rhythms to reduce the restrictions and tensions within any part of the body and therefore the symptoms. Cranial Osteopathy relies on highly developed palpation skills which allow a 3 dimensional picture of the problem to be built up. This is especially good for long-standing problems ranging from muscular and mechanical problems to Headaches.


The initial treatment is for up to 1 hour and includes a full case history, examination and treatment. Follow up treatments last around 40 minutes. The extra time allows me to gain a more thorough understanding and treatment of your problem.
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John Hemington


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